I told myself this summer that I was going to do three things:

  1. Read more
  2. Write more
  3. Run more

If I were honest with myself, I haven’t been doing either of these things very well. At best, it’s been hit and miss.

Obviously, this blog is hopefully going to satisfy #2 in my Summer To-Do List. Writing is something I enjoy.  Something I need to do. I’m not a rookie at blogging. I blog about what I know and what I love to do.  I have my own blog about running, and I am a contributor about My Beloved Huskers, and Teaching.  You would think that that would be enough.

You would be wrong.

What I’ve found is that there a lot of things that rattle around in my head that don’t fit into these specific venues.  While I love to write, I don’t think the authors at the teaching blog would see any use for me posting about my adventures as a Mr. Mom at our local pool.  Nor would it make sense to complain…er…vent about my job on the Husker blog.

That brings me to this blog.  This will be a catch-all blog.  If it’s about running, great.  Huskers?  Probably later on this fall.  Teaching?  More than likely. Everything else?  Most definitely?  Like the title of the blog implies:  This is my blog and these are my rules.

Truth be told, I’m also trying out this new-fangled Tumblr that all the kids with their ironic t-shirts and hipster glasses are raving about.  (Read that last sentence in an old-man voice.  It’s a lot funnier.)

Tumblr vs. Blogger….it’s on.


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